Welcome to Traditonal East Asian Medicine Courses. We offer a variety of post-graduate CPD courses in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Traditional Asian Medicine techinques from world renouned lectures.

We have two excellent workshops lined up for Spring 2018. The first is the return of Amos Ziv who will be teaching both his Level 1 and Advanced Level Meridian Wave Acupuncture. This is an applicable pain relief method based on Chinese Medicine Channel Theory.The Meridian Wave system that has been clinically validated in a randomized controlled trial in a major hospital Emergancy Room ( research summary pending). Amos is an expert in TCM channel theory applications and a personal student of Prof. Wang Ju Yi. Amos has taught this amazing system to hundreds of practitioners worldwide.

The second is James Cattermole who will be teaching the practical skills within the Classical Yin Style Ba Gua Medical System for immediate clinical application and further practice refinement and will introduce The 9 Essential Needling Techniques to Effectively Manipulate Qi in Clinic.