Elisa Rossi


Elisa Rossi has trained as an MD, Acupuncturist, 4-year Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, Licensed Psychotherapist (Jungian), B.A. in Philosophy. After a 3-year Course in Acupuncture at “So-Wen” in Milan, Elisa attended the 3-months Training Course of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing in 1983. Since then she went back to China 8 more times, for one or two months, gaining clinical experience in the TCM Departments of Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Jinan. In 1985 Elisa started practicing Taijiquan with Ermanno Cozzi and she Qigong with Li Xiaoming in 1989. In 1992 she spent 2 months in Beijing studying with dr. Lu Guangyun, director of Qigong Department of Xiyuan Hospital. In 1994, together with a group of 9 acupuncturists, Elisa founded the School of TCM “MediCina”, and from 1996 she is a certified FISA acupuncture teacher. From 2002 to 2005 she was President of FISTQ, the Italian Federation of Schools of Tui Na and Qigong, of which she is now Scientific Coordinator. From 2006 she is member of Milano Medical Board for Non-Conventional Medicine. Elisa cooperates with Agopuntura Senza Frontiere ASF and volunteered in Madagascar - 2008, Laos - 2010, Tanzania - 2012.

Her work includes Shen and clinical work:
A special interest in the psychic sides of the human being and of medicine led Elisa to get deeper into the connection between the psychoanalytic and the traditional Chinese point of view. She also focused on the relation between patient and acupuncturist, subjects on which she researches, teaches and publishes. Some examples of her contribution can be seen in the paper “Hun and Po: Functions and diagnosis” (The Fourth World Conference on Acupuncture, New York 1996); her being in charge of the Public Health “Project for Treatment with Acupuncture for Generalized Anxiety Disorder” (ASL Vimercate - Milano); her lectures on “Mental Disorders and Chinese Medicine” for Public Health and Social Workers (ASL 4, Prato, 2003; Crinali, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2013).

Children and Chinese Medicine:
Her first contacts with TCM and children were in 1983, at the Academy of Acupuncture of Beijing. Since then, in her private practice she used acupuncture in paediatrics, thanks also to Julian Scott’s teachings. Later on she had the chance to know more about paediatric Tui Na and also to see qigong treatment performed on children, at Xiyuan Hospital, Beijing, in 1992, by Lu Guangyun. Her main training was with Yin Ming, at the TCM Paediatric Departments of the Provincial Hospital of Nanjing in 1999 and 2000, backed up by the work with Zhang Sufang, at the Provincial Hospital of Jinan, in 2006. She set up and run the Children’s Centre in the last two years of her teaching at Associazione MediCina, in 2002-04, with Julian Scott’s support, and in 2005 she opened the Xiaoxiao Centre. With the support of the Federation of Italian Schools of Tui Na and Qigong (FISTQ), it carries out two free pilot-projects: for the treatment and prevention of child respiratory diseases and for children with sleep disorders, hyperactivity or attention deficit. Xiaoxiao is also a Training Centre for practitioners who want to focus on Paediatrics and organizes workshops for parents.