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Lecturer: James Cattermole

James Cattermole - Introduction to Tangible Acupuncture of Yin Style Ba Gua

  • Location: Harbour View Business Center, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland (View Map for directions)
  • Date: November 24th - 25th 2018
  • Cost: €295

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Introduction to Tangible Acupuncture of Yin Style Ba Gua

"I recently attended Andrew Nugent-Head's seminar on “The 9 Essential Needling Techniques to Effectively Manipulate Qi in Clinic', in London. As it was 80% practical, we were required to prepare for this by attending a 2 day prerequisite seminar, taught by James Cattermole. James' seminar was invaluable; we learnt how to integrate Qi Gong/Dao Yin practice into the application of the needling techniques. As the focus was on practicing these skills, I had the confidence to bring these into my clinic on my return and continue my love of learning in this area. James' extensive knowledge and practice in this area, paired with his gracious ability to impart this wisdom in a clear and comprehensive manner is exceptional. I would highly recommend his training for those interested in this area."
Gillian Searson

This training is 80% practical, 20% theory so you will get plenty of time to practice all the skills learnt over the weekend and to experience their powerful effect.

Learn the practical skills within the Classical Yin Style Ba Gua Medical System for immediate clinical application and further practice refinement. Build the solid skills required to enact the clear yet adaptable theory consistent with principles from the Jing, (Classics) of Chinese Medicine.

What will you learn in this seminar?

  • Introduction to the 8 storing qi and guiding sensitivity Dao Yin Physical Training exercises. Cultivate your qi and blood flow and learn the fundamental skill of what it takes to move qi.
  • Hand and needle techniques – dispersal and tonification techniques and how to vary and refine these techniques depending on disease presentation.
  • How to develop greater mental focus and stamina in your treatments.
  • Gain a greater understanding of some of the theories behind classical acupuncture.
  • Introduction to The 9 Essential Needling Techniques to Effectively Manipulate Qi in Clinic

Acupuncture is nothing more than the clear and accurate application and release of pressure through the practitioner’s body, communicated to the patient through the hands and the tool of a needle. To make this signal strong, flowing and persistent we must first get the lines and vectors of pressure strong, flowing and consistent through our own bodies. This involves refining our breathing, body mechanics, strength, stamina, and mental focus.

Once we have a level of skill in managing these factors in ourselves, we then need to develop the sensitivity to recognize the subtleties in our patients’ body mechanics, breathing and awareness so that we can harmonise with them, before then taking the lead to guide their internal dynamics. This process underlies all branches of Chinese Medicine and was assumed to be understood and embodied by every practitioner.

Throughout the history of Chinese Medicine there have been many ways of achieving the skills required to enact this, but the Yin style Ba Gua medical system offers one of the most consistent ways to continually refine and adapt this process. In all teaching and practice sessions we focus on a small number of the dao yin exercises from this tradition in order to highlight the key principles, before using those exact elements to effectively use the hand or needle to elicit the desired sensation in the patient. It is by strategic use of these guided sensations that we are then able to lead others towards a better state of health.