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Lecturer: Peter Gigante

Clinical Applications of the Art of Nurturing the Young
(An introduction to Paediatrics in TCM)

More about Peter Gigante...

"I have just finished with the Brisbane seminar and HE WAS FANTASTIC!"

"Really great coverage and discussion of Sun Si Mao’s theory, but also linking them to the modern application."

“Peter is a fabulous presenter, very passionate about paediatric and very informative!”.

A brief overview of Chinese medicine paediatrics history of ideas

  • Three essences of Healthy Childhood development
  • Constitutions and Conformations
  • Diagnosis and disease
  • Working with children and parents
  • Methods and strategies for treatment
  • Cases studies including:
    • Developmental disorders
    • Respiratory and digestive syndromes
    • Pain
    • Intrusive Upset and Anxiety